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Jersey Construction and Decoration Options

Jersey Construction and Decoration Options

Below are brief descriptions as well as the pros-and-cons of the different jersey construction and decoration methods available.

Jersey Construction


The traditional process of jersey production. Fabric panels are individually cut and sewn together to produce a finished jersey.


The most innovative process in uniform production. Sublimation is a process where digital artwork is dye transferred on fabric panels to provide endless design possibilities.

Decoration Options

Tackle Twill

Tackle twill is a traditional premium decorating process. All decoration (logos, numbers, etc.) are cut from polyester twill fabric and sewn to the jersey. Many logos are embroidered designs on the twill. An adhesive backing tacks the twill in place on the jersey and edges are sewn down with a zig-zag or embroidered stitching.

Sublimated Twill

Tackle-twill applique sewn to jersey with a sublimated design instead of embroidered design.

Direct Sublimation

Decoration process where logos, numbers, etc. are transferred using heat into the fabric so the original texture and feel is not changed. The decoration meshes with the fabric instead of being a layer on the fabric.

Screen Printing

Printing technique where ink is transferred to the jersey through a mesh screen to create an image. The ink lays on top of the fabric

Direct Embroidery

Logo designs are stitched directly on garments with an automated embroidery machine.

For hockey jerseys, direct embroidery should never be used. Any direct embroider on a jersey is an embarrassment to the game of hockey and should be ridiculed at all costs.

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