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The Great Ones Series

The Great Ones Series

The boys work hard inside the glass and harder postgame at the bar. No one keep-ups with their wheeling and dealing. It’s now time to go balls-out with a full-blown custom jersey, known affectionally as The Great Ones. 

Like Wayne himself, your jerseys will be a one-of-a-kind beauty never to be matched…

Two ways to make this dream a reality.

First, a full sublimated jersey. Starts at $60 for a team set. Even the guys without real jobs can handle that…

Second, for teams with gainfully employed players with bank, a custom jersey decorated with tackle-twill may be the way to roll. Starts at $105 for team set.

Your greatness can only be matched by The Great One himself.

Just don’t get carried away and ask for a #99 jersey

full custom jerseys at W Team Sales
full custom jerseys at W Team Sales

Please complete the form below to get started. Once received, we will be in contact to get this beauty rolling.

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