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The Ringer Series

The Ringer Series

The boys are feeling pretty confident the team might make a run for the league championship. You brought in a ringer and finally upgraded the guy between the pipes. This may be the season.

To add pressure, your girlfriend senses the magic and wants a matching jersey while she’s watching in the stands. She refuses to wear a simple solid color jersey. She’s above that, and, frankly so is the team.

Collecting money from the boys is always painful. No one wants to spend too much on a jersey. There is still plenty of beer to buy. You need something with contrasting colors to make this a season to remember.

Look no further than The Ringer Series of jerseys.

Just like the new pick-up, these jerseys score at will without breaking the bank. Add your team logo and numbers. Now the team is living large. Depending on which jersey style you select, a 1-color printed logo and back number Ringer Series starts as low as $26/jersey for a team set.

In the end, what’s a few extra bucks when the boys are gunning for the league championship and your girl in the stands is wearing a matching jersey with your name on the back?

The Ringer League Jerseys

Midweight fabric based on NHL designs.


Based on one of the Wild’s designs, this two-color beauty looks sharp in all 19 colors.
Starts at $26 with 1-color logo and number.


Team has a few Ranger fans. Every team does… they want jerseys like the Blueshirts. Not an issue. The H6500 uses the same pattern as New York in 29 mid-weight color combos. They’ll celebrate like it’s ’94 all over again.
Starts at $29 with 1-color printed logo and number.


Earlier this century, the Pens and Sens rocked non-traditional jersey designs. Both have moved on. Not your boys.
Starts at $30 with 1-color printed logo and number.

The Ringer Select Jerseys

Designs with upgraded fabric, double elbows/shoulders, collar, and gussets.


The Kings created a masterpiece designing jerseys paying homage to the Gretzky years. The boys want in on that magic. How else, beer aside, do you get a full squad for the 10:30 pm Wednesday game? Get the H7000.

Starts at $36 with 1-color printed logo and number.


The boys aren’t picky with the jerseys. Something simple with jersey upgrades or they will chirp you. You don’t need it. No one does.
The H7100 gets the job done as a mail-it-in jersey design.
Starts at $29 with 1-color logo and number.


Although they've won the Cup, Minnesota plays heavy when designing jerseys.
The H7400 is a Minny design and this beauty is offered in 24 color combinations.
Starts at $32 with 1-color printed logo and number.


The Oilers went old-school in ’15 with their third. What hockey player doesn’t love old-school? No one that matters.

This classic has 26 different color options. Starts at $33 with 1-color logo and number printed.


If you’re going to offer a design based on a major junior team, why wouldn’t it be Peterborough? Sure, they’ve only won 1 Memorial Cup but the jerseys are world-class in simplicity and elegance. Ironically, those are the same words the wives and girlfriends use to describe your team. The H7600 is a class act only befitting of your squad.
Starting at $34 with 1-color logo and number, there 16 color combos to choose from.

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