The OT Sports Beer League Variety Pack Jersey Series

The full sublimated beer-themed jersey from OT Sports celebrating your favorite brew as well as the main reason most play adult hockey: to drink beer with the boys (aside from the exercise, of course)....  Please scroll down to see the available options. Just let us know the sizes and jersey numbers (don't ask for #99 - it's not happening) and we'll produce the jersey with the beer of your choice and have it ready for you in 4-6 weeks. Minimum jerseys for initial order is 15 with re-orders as little as 6 with no up-charge. Price is $75/ea. Lace collars are available for $5 upcharge.

The Blue Moon Jersey


The Coors Light Jersey


The Guinness Away Jersey


The Miller High Life Away Jersey

High Life Away.JPG

The Leinenhgels Jersey


The Miller Lite Jersey


The Old Milwaukee Home Jersey


The Old Style Away Jersey

The Coors Banquet Home Jersey


The Grolsch Jersey

Miller Lite.JPG

The Hamms Jersey


The Keystone Light Home Jersey


The Mickey's Home Jersey


The Molson Home Jersey


The Old Milwaukee Away Jersey


The Schlitz Home Jersey

The Coors Banquet Away Jersey


The Guinness Home Jersey


The Miller High Life Home Jersey


The Keystone Light Away Jersey


The Mickey's Away Jersey


The Molson Away Jersey


The Old Style Home Jersey


The Schlitz Away Jersey