The Beer League Sweaters

Although there are countless options from our suppliers like Athletic Knit, Bauer, Pear, and SP Apparel, below are a few jersey style ideas for beer league teams. From the simple one-color practice jersey to our exclusive fully sublimated beer jerseys, W Team Sales can create a team jersey with every budget in mind. All that is needed is a logo to replace the W Team Sales logo shown in the artwork below and approximately 3 weeks for most jersey styles (5-6 weeks for the beer-themed jerseys). Your team will look legit and ready to challenge for all the glory of a Beer League championship!.

The Grinder Jersey
Ok, it's clear money is tight and the boys would rather spend on pops after, or in some cases before and during, the game. No problem. The team needs the Grinder. Basically, just like the player who works hard but has no special skills, the Grinder is a no-frills solid color practice jersey that gets the job done. Logos (team and/or sponsor) can be printed in one- or multiple-colors to dress-up this bad boy. It gets better, there are 18 jersey colors to choose from. For between $15-20 (depending on number of colors used in logo), with the Grinder you're rocking a new team jersey with plenty left over for the few in the parking lot with the boys...

The Ringer Jersey
Team is feeling pretty good about themselves and might make a run for the league championship. You brought in a ringer, or two, and finally upgraded the guy between the pipes. This may be the season and the boys need a good look. To add pressure, the girlfriend senses the magic and wants to get a matching jersey for when she's watching you in the stands. But she refuses to wear a simple solid color jersey. She's above that, and, frankly so is the team. Collecting money from the boys can always be tight while no one wants to spend too much on a jersey because there is still plenty of beer to buy. You need something with contrasting colors as the confidence is high. Look no further than The Ringer series of jerseys. Add your team, or sponsor, logo and numbers and, now, the team is living large. It will set you back $25-45 per jersey. But, in the end, what's a few extra bucks when the boys are gunning for the league championship and she's in the stands looking down on you wearing a matching jersey with your name on the back?

See the Ringer Jersey options here.

The Show Jersey
Now, most of the boys are convinced they should have worn a real NHL sweater at some point anyways. So, why hold back? Get the squad sweaters with NHL designs. Add your team, or sponsor, logo and numbers and you have the professional look. All NHL team including home, away, third, and, in some cases, their outdoor jerseys are available. Will cost you approximately $45-60, depending on style and decoration, so, they don't come cheap. But, it's a small price to pay when the boys can finally wear an NHL sweater.

The OT Sports Variety Beer Jersey Series
An exclusive to W Team Sales, the fully-sublimated beer themed jerseys from OT Sports are the ultimate for beer leagues. Is there a better jersey for beer leagues anywhere? Don't kid yourself. Of course there isn't. In addition to the Blue Moon design team's can choose from: Coors Banquet, Coors Light, Grolsch, Hamms, Leinenhugels, Guinness, Miller High Life, and Miller Light. Additionally, we offer the brands most likely to be found in trash cans of locker rooms or rink parking lots trash everywhere: Keystone Light, Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, Old Style, and Mickeys. If you have a sponsor who wants in on these beauties, perfect. We'll add their logo. Keep in mind, these will take time to arrive (4-6 weeks) and are more expensive than other options. $75. But, it's a small price to pay and short time to wait to honor your favorite beverage.

See the Variety Beer Jersey Series here.