The Ringer Jerseys

Below are options for the teams looking for a mid-level jersey for their beer league team. All of these are typically in-stock at the manufacturer. Pricing with logo and numbers range from $25-45 depending on style chosen with number of colors used in logo(s) and numbers. Delivery time is 2-3 weeks from order placement unless there is an availability problem at the manufacturer (W Team Sales will notify immediately). All of these present an inexpensive way to create a great look for any team.

House League.JPG

The H6100

Description: Athletic Knit's mid-weight features contrasting color shoulder yoke.                              Available Colors: Royal/White, White/Royal, Red/White, White/Red, Kelly/White, White/Kelly, Black/Gold, Gold/Black, Navy/White, Black/White, Black/Red, Red/Black, White/Black, Sky Blue/Navy (pictured), Maroon/White, Maize/Gold, Forest/White, Orange/Black, Lime/Black, Teal/White, Pro Blue/White, Grey/Black.                                                                              Blank Jersey Price:  $13.00/ea.


The H6400

Description: Athletic Knit's mid-weight features Minnesota Wild striping pattern with contrasting color.                                                                           Available Colors: Royal/White (pictured), White/Royal, Red/White, White/Red, Kelly/White, Gold/Black, Navy/White, Purple/White, Black/White, White/Black, Sky Blue/White, Avs Red/White, Maize/Royal, Forest/White, Orange/Black, Lime Green/Black, Pink/Black, Vegas/Black, Grey/Black                                                                              Blank Jersey Price:  $18.00/ea.


The H6500

Description: Athletic Knit's three-color mid-weight jersey features traditional striping pattern                         Available Colors: Lime/Black/White, Grey/Black/White (pictured), Maize/Navy/White, Forest/White/Red, Pink/Sky Blue/White, Vegas/Black/White, Gold/Black/White, Orange/Black/White, Royal/White/Red, Red/White/Royal, Kelly/White/Royal, Black/White/Red, Red/White/Black, White/Black/Red, Cardinal/Cap Blue/White, Avs Red/Black/White, White/Black/Gold, Black/Gold/White, Kelly/Black/White, Purple/Gold/White, Royal/Gold/White, Navy/Sand/Caps Blue, Sand/Navy/Sky Blue, Pro Blue/Grey/White, Black/Grey/White, White/Black/Grey. Blank Jersey Price:  $20.00/ea.


The H6600

Description: Athletic Knit's three-color mid-weight jersey based on Pittsburgh Pens just retired style.  V-neck , gussets, and mesh under arms.                               Available Colors: Lime Green/Black/White, Maize/Black/White, Forest/Vegas/White, Pink/Black/White, Vegas/Black/White, Gold/Black/White, Orange/Black/White, Black/Red/White (pictured), Red/Black/White, White/Black/Red, Purple/Black/White, Kelly/Black/White, Pro Blue/Black/ White, Red/Navy/White, Sky Blue/Navy/White, Navy/Sky Blue/White Royal/Orange/White, Avs Red/Vegas/White, Black/White/Vegas, White/Black/Vegas, Navy/Red/White, Grey/Black/White                                                            Blank Jersey Price:  $21.00/ea.


The H7000

Description: Athletic Knit's three-color AK knit jersey based on LA Kings style includes mesh under arms        Available Colors: Lime Green/Black/White, Maize/Navy/White, Pink/Black/White, Vegas/Navy/White, Gold/Black/White, Orange/Black/White, Royal/White/Red, Kelly/White/Gold, Black/White/Red, Red/White/Black, White/Black/Red, Avs Red/Black/White, Maroon/White/Gold, Black/White/Gold, Forest/White/Gold, Pro Blue/Black/White (pictured), Navy/Gold/White, White/Navy/Gold, Sand/Navy/Red, Navy/White/Sky Blue, White/Black/Orange, Grey/Black/White,                        Blank Jersey Price:  $29.00/ea.


The H7400

Description: Athletic Knit's AK knit jersey based on Minnesota Wild outdoor stadium series style. Tapered neck with placket, double elbows and shoulders.                                                                  Available Colors: Lime Green/Black/White, Maize, Black/White, Pink/Black/White, Forest/Sand/Red, Vegas/Navy/White, Royal/White/Red, Red/Royal/White, Black/Red/White, Red/Black/White, White/Black/Red, Avs Red/Black/White, Gold/Navy/White, Black/Gold/White, Kelly/White/Black, Purple/White/Gold, Teal/Black/White, Pro Blue/Navy/White, Sky Blue/Gold/White, Royal/Orange/White, Orange/Royal/White, Sand/Black/Red (pictured), Navy/Red/White, White/Navy/Red, Grey/Black/White                                Blank Jersey Price:  $24.00/ea.


The H7500

Description: Athletic Knit's three-color AK knit jersey based on Edmonton Oilers style                             Available Colors: Lime Green/White/Black, Black/White/Lime (pictured), Maize/White/Black, Vegas/Black/White, Gold/Black/White, Orange/Black/White, Red/Royal/White, Black/Red/White, White/Black/Red, Red/Black/White, Cardinal/Cap Blue/White, Avs Red/Black/White, Black/Gold/White, Kelly/Black/White, Purple/White/Gold, Royal/Grey/White, Royal/White/Gold, Grey/Royal/White, Teal/Black/White, Cap Blue/Maroon/White, White/Sky Blue/Navy, Navy/Sky Blue/White, Sky Blue/Navy/White, Sand/Sky Blue/Navy, White/Black/Grey, Black/White/Grey,                             Blank Jersey Price:  $25.00/ea.


The H7600

Description: Athletic Knit's two-color AK knit jersey based on OHL's Peterborough Petes. Tapered neck with placket, double elbows and shoulders and gussets.                                                                     Available Colors: Royal/White, White/Royal, Red/White, White/Red, Kelly/White, Navy/White, Purple/White, Black/White, White/Black, Sky Blue/White, Maroon/White, Gold/White, Orange/White, Grey/White, Maize/Royal, Forest/White (pictured), Lime Green/White                       Blank Jersey Price:  $26.00/ea.


The 600 Series Classic

Description: Bauer's classic look mid-weight jersey produced for beer leagues.                                     Available Colors: Black/Red/White, Blue/Red/White, Gold/Black/White, Teal/White/Black, Kelly/Blue/White (pictured), White/Black/Silver, Wine/White/Blue, Navy/Gold/White, Orange/White/Black, Purple/Gold/White, Pink/White, Silver/Black/White                                       Blank Jersey Price:  $23.00/ea.


The 600 Premium Jersey

Description: Bauer's mid-weight glorified practice jersey features contrasting color mesh inserts on the sides.           Available Colors: Black/White (pictured), Blue/White, Gold/White, Red/White, Kelly/White, White/Silver, Silver/White                                                                     Blank Jersey Price:  $23.00/ea.


House League Jersey

Description: PearSox's Air Mesh jersey designed for beer leagues features contrasting stripes on side andsleeves. Available Colors: Black/White, Gold/White, Kelly/White, Navy/White, Red/White, Royal/White, Silver/White, White/Black                                                                     Blank Jersey Price:  $16.00/ea.